So What Are iToons?

iToons are digital caricatures drawn live on an iPad or tablet. They are a fun and effective way to attract visitors to your exhibition stand or to provide a welcome distraction at an otherwise tedious conference.


George draws iToons sitting down, for maximum concentration and quality. All equipment and WIFI can be supplied by George. For best results, please use the artists’s equipment.


George uses his own top spec iPad Pro, but was trained on Samsung Galaxy, MS Surface Pro and Cintiq tablets, so is very flexible.  George’s digital set up is extremely compact and wireless when possible. There are 3 main components: an iPad, 32″ LCD monitor (with stand) and a mini printer (if required).

George is adaptable and has worked on many alternative tablets, but acquainting himself with new hardware or software may take extra time, so best to use his iPad (supplied). Via Apple TV, it can connect to most large external displays and monitors with an HDMI video port. Please notify George if you have specific technical requirements, before the day.


As they’re drawn, the caricatures are projected onto an LCD screen to share the fun of the drawing process. George can supply a 32″ screen which is freestanding on a tripod stand.

Completed caricatures can be emailed direct to the punter, to a company address or collected on a USB stick for the client to distribute. They can also be printed on 6 x 4 glossy postcards, using a compact printer. These take a minute or two to print and are ready to take away or attach to lanyards (supplied by client).

The digital caricatures are saved as JPGs on George’s iPad and are ready for distribution, via email, Bluetooth or AirDrop. All images will also be uploaded to this website where they can be downloaded by punters at a later date. All image copyright is retained by George.

Company branding, hashtags and contact details can be added to any sketch beforehand. More complicated themes, requiring studio time may incur an extra charge.


An electrical outlet is essential. Any screens supplied must have an HDMI input. All cables are supplied by the artist and hopefully kept to a minimum. Adequate seating and working space is also essential, to allow for several hours of sitting and free flow of punters. Digital caricatures are not suitable for outdoor use, due to lighting and adverse weather conditions.

How Quick?

George will always draw as many people as possible in the time allowed. Typically, top quality full colour digital caricatures take upto 10 minutes each, while monochrome (b&w) caricatures take 5-6 minutes each. The bulk of the time can be taking of email addresses and waiting for people to step up and be seated (turnaround), be aware of this if expecting large production numbers.

Production Lines

Digital caricatures are a great marketing tool and drum up lots of interest in your stand. However they do take a little longer than traditional drawings and so a queue will always form.  Do not mistake the queue for a production line, your artist is only human and will need regular breaks and reserves the right to end the line at any time. Do not expect high productivity or output, as you may expect from a Photo Booth. On average the artist will draw around 6-8 faces per hour.


George has drawn at events all over the UK and overseas (Dubai, Qatar, Barcelona, Bahrain, Berlin, Paris, Zurich). UK travel costs are factored into the fee and accommodation is only required for a sequential string of events, especially overseas. For such international events, the client is expected to pay for flights, transfers and hotels.

Payment & Terms

BALANCES ARE PAYABLE BEFORE THE EVENT.  The artist is paid to draw for an agreed amount of time, within which all caricatures are free of charge to the guests and George will never busk for payment, though tips are always welcomed. Fees are dependent on a number of factors, including date and location. For an estimate of costs, please use the contact form on the home page to drop George a line with your requirements. 

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